Sell your shirt…buy a book!

About two weeks ago I received my copy of the Commentary of the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, edited by D. A. Carson and G. K. Beale (great biblical scholars only use initials – no first or middle names). It is available at Amazon for about $35.

So far, I have been very impressed. Of course, I’ve only read about 30 pages of the 1,239 that are in this book, but those 30 pages have already proven to be more useful than any study Bible and almost any commentary in handling the context of the OT quotation and the intended meaning of its use in the New Testament text.

Each chapter is written by a different scholar, so some variety of quality and theological position may be expected, but the breadth of research in the volume appears to be second to none.

Sadly, as a scholarly reference, there is the token discussions of some issues that deal with higher criticism, so you may have to let your eyes glaze over as you flip past some of the introductory material to each New Testament book and get to the good stuff.

With that said, I would highly recommend this resource to you as a tool for biblical study. Hopefully, you will find it useful as well.

Your humble friend,
S. A. Ward

Study: 1 Peter 4:7-11

Last night we met and looked at 1 Peter 4:7-11. It was good to be together again on a Wednesday night…we have missed the last two weeks do to illnesses.

The text led us into a very honest discussion of the seriousness of this life. As the passage says, we are to be sound in judgment and sober minded for the sake of prayer, especially in light of our duty towards one another as fellow resident aliens in this world.

Therefore, we must exercise fervent love for one another. We must view our lives as critically important and use our speech and our deeds to build one another up, knowing that we should reflect the power and the glory of Christ through our conduct towards one another. Hence, the passage ends the exhortation to this godly conduct saying that our lives must glorify Jesus Christ in this manner to show forth the glory of His power and His dominion.

Let love therefore cover our sins. Let us not give up on one another. Let us not turn from one another, feeling betrayed, feeling as if others have failed us. As we discussed last night, such love is beautiful and it ought to be the desire of our heart to seek this godly love which will carry us forth while we are still pilgrims in this land.

This text has led me to consider the blessings in my life through those in the Church that have shown me and my family hospitality; who have served and ministered to us in our times of need and throughout our lives. May God be praised for the power of His Spirit in the Church!

Free Resource of the Day!

In case you were not aware, David has posted a great resource on his website that lists Old Testament quotations in the New Testament (compiled by Michael Marlowe at

10 Years

This month has given us at Heritage much to celebrate, namely our 10-year anniversary. We had a special time this past Sunday and met for lunch after the service with a spread of barbecue and lots of fun for the younger ones at Dave’s Gymnastics Factory.

The fellowship was delightful and the kids provided great entertainment as they raced through an obstacle course and dove off the trampoline into the foam pit below. It was great to have John Carpenter from Camp Del Haven join us.

But much more important than an afternoon of food and fun, this month has given us time to reflect on the years of God’s provision and grace toward us. We have been blessed with unity, love, and service together. None of this is possible as the result of our own efforts, but it is a demonstration of the power of the Spirit of God. May He continue to bless us with this fellowship!






















Happy 10th Anniversary Heritage!


As a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am immersed in a heritage that is as wide as the ends of the earth and as deep as the eternal decrees of God. The Holy Scriptures contain the the glorious promises and works of God; the testimony of the Law and the Prophets; and the glorious unfolding of the New Covenant. The history of the Church has provided my library with volumes of exposition and devotion. My life has been filled with my friends and mentors in Christ who have taught, encouraged, and challenged me with powerful and effectual testimonies. For what reason then could I even begin to think that I could have something to say that hasn’t already been said?

I have offered to edit this blog not in order to present something more eloquent or wise than the thoughts of others, but I am convinced that there cannot be a reason to silence even the humblest of voices that speak of the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ. That then, is the purpose of this blog…to be a testimony of the greatness of His kingdom. I hope to record that which has been impressed upon me and the thoughts of those here at Heritage Baptist Church. I am continually amazed at the beauty Christ’s work in his Body, and the expansion of his kingdom as the light goes forth into darkness.

So, whether this blog is read often or rarely at all, by the grace of God, I pray that it is at least a small display of another facet of the grand splendor of God’s redemptive work that is far beyond all that we could think or ask.